French News

  1. Guinea opposition candidate Cellou Dalein Diallo said on Monday he had won the first round of the Oct. 18 presidential election, but his claim was quickly disputed by the electoral commission and the government, setting the stage for a stand-off.
  2. Armenia's President Armen Sarkissian spoke to FRANCE 24 from the capital Yerevan, as the conflict between Azerbaijani and Armenian forces over the disputed region of Nagorno-Karabakh continues to claim civilian lives. Sarkissian accused Azerbaijan of having "started a war" and violating the two recent ceasefires. He also claimed that Turkey "has a completely destructive role" in the conflict and "has added a new dimension to this which doesn't have anything to do with" the aspirations of the people of Nagorno-Karabakh.
  3. Florida voters lined up outside polling places on Monday on the first day of early voting in the battleground state, as 30 million Americans have already cast their ballots in November's presidential election.
  4. French NGOs took Twitter to court in Paris on Monday morning, accusing the social media giant of not doing enough to tackle hate speech online.
  5. Days after a suspected Islamist beheaded a French school teacher, police on Monday raided Islamic associations and individuals suspected of extremist religious beliefs, arresting dozens of people, said France’s interior minister, in a sweep expected to last a few more days.